iPhone deflects a bullet and saves the life of its owner in San Luis Potosí


There is no doubt that, in current times, a mobile phone is essential for anyone, and can even save the life of its owner “literally.” 

Such is the case of a young woman in San Luis Potosí, whose cell phone was hit by a stray bullet that saved her life.

The damage to the device was irreparable. Photo: Special

iPhone saves the life of its owner

In local media and on social networks, the story of this woman went viral.

On Friday, October 13th, outside a Banco Santander branch located on Avenida Chapultepec in the capital city of San Luis Potosí, was hit by a bullet that could have taken her head 

According to this woman, she was distracted talking on the phone at the bank door, which is why she did not notice that two criminals intercepted a man who was leaving the bank.

The victim, upon realizing this, alerted his personal escort, which led to a shootout that left one criminal dead, and another injured, so, the young woman got caught in the middle of the crossfire, but she never imagined that her cell phone would save her life.

The young woman only suffered a nervous shock. Photo: Special

A stray bullet hit right on her iPhone

When the criminals confronted the escort, a stray bullet took a direct path toward the girl’s head, who immediately fell to the floor, believing herself seriously injured.

However, it was not like that, because fortunately the bullet got stuck in the mobile device that she was holding next to her ear, so according to her, the impact only generated a little pain and an emotional shock. She was immediately treated by paramedics and is stable, so it is expected that she will recover soon.

Source.- Reporte Indigo

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