There are 12 dead in a violent day in SLP, Jalisco, and Chiapas


The bodies in San Luis Potosí are apparently men, according to local media

In the early hours of this Monday, five bodies were abandoned in front of the Municipal Palace of Cárdenas, San Luis Potosí; another five people were murdered in Encarnación de Díaz, Jalisco; and a confrontation in Chiapas left two dead.

The bodies in San Luis Potosí are apparently men, according to local media, which reported that several men were abducted by organized crime members over the weekend.

The Attorney General’s Office of San Luis Potosí opened an investigation folder after the discovery of the bodies.

The General Directorate of Investigation Methods (DGMI) of the Prosecutor’s Office moved to the Barrio del Carmen neighborhood to begin the initial inquiries.

In addition, it indicated, personnel from the Legal Medical Service (Semele) went to the indicated place to carry out the removal of the bodies, still unidentified, in order to perform the legal autopsy to determine the causes of death.

In a statement, the state prosecutor’s office affirmed that agents of the Investigation Police are carrying out the study of the case and already have lines of investigation for the clarification of the facts.

In the area, a coordinated operation is being carried out between state and federal forces to find whoever is responsible for this act, it assured.

Five killed in Encarnación de Díaz, Jalisco

Five people were murdered in the early hours of this Monday in the Municipality of Encarnación de Díaz, in the Altos Norte Region of Jalisco.

The State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it is investigating the discovery of the bodies, recorded around 5:30 a.m. on the Encarnación de Díaz-Lagos de Moreno Highway.

The report on the bodies abandoned by the roadside, at the height of the Santa María Transpontina crossroads, mobilized the municipal police.

The officers made the discovery and reported it to the state prosecutor’s office while cordoning off the crime scene to preserve the evidence.

The initial data indicate that four of the victims are men between 32 and 42 years old, and the other victim is a woman who appears to be 25 years old.

“In these tasks, the personnel of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences assisted, who processed the scene and was in charge of transferring the deceased persons to the amphitheater of the region, for their official identification and the practice of corresponding opinions that will allow establishing the cause of death, approximate time of death, among other things,” the state prosecutor’s office communicated this morning.

With this case, there are already 125 massacres in Jalisco, from 2020 to date.

Two dead in confrontation in Chiapas

The Attorney General’s Office of Chiapas reported a confrontation between armed groups that left two dead and one injured.

According to the information, the events took place this morning on the Tuxtla-Ocozocoautla highway, known as the “death crossroads.”

“The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) through the Central District Attorney’s Office initiated an investigation folder for the violent events derived from the confrontation between armed groups, on the Tuxtla-Ocozocoautla highway, on the morning of this Monday, March 25,” a statement indicates.

“After learning of the criminal news, elements of an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary group arrived at the Tuxtla-Ocozocoautla highway section, at the height of the crossroads called ‘death'”.

At the site, several wrecked vehicles, two lifeless persons, and one injured person were found, who was transferred to receive medical attention.

“The federal and state security forces took control of the place, providing security to motorists and pedestrians,” adds the Prosecutor’s Office.

“With the evidence gathered, the initial investigations have begun, which will continue to ensure the enforcement of the Rule of Law and that no action outside the law remains unpunished,” it concluded.

Source: Diario Mx