Recovered in SLP: Vehicles Stolen in Guanajuato, Querétaro, and Mexico City


The Investigation Police (PDI) recovered two cars and a van in the capital city, all three with theft reports, informed the Attorney General’s Office of the State of San Luis Potosí (FGESLP).

Initially, a Nissan car, in white and green colors, Versa model, which was used as public transport, was parked in the Mayamil subdivision.

There, after checking its features, it was found that the serial number was fake and had a theft report since July 12, 2017, in Mexico City.

On the other hand, in the Los Salazares neighborhood, a Nissan Versa car, gray color, 2019 model, was found, which was confirmed to have been stolen on December 5, 2020, in the State of Querétaro.

Also, in the Las Mercedes subdivision, at the height of a commercial store, the operational staff of the PDI found a Chevrolet van, black color, Captiva type, 2023 model.

After comparing its features, it was confirmed that the unit had been reported stolen through the emergency lines, since October 2, 2023, in Guanajuato.

Therefore, each of the vehicles was made available to an agent of the Public Ministry, who will be in charge of carrying out the appropriate actions for each case.

Source: Codigo San Luis