In average, 20 cases of animal abuse reported every day in SLP


In San Luis Potosí, the issue of abuse towards animal species such as dogs and cats persists, as stated by the Coordinator of Animal Welfare, Maritza Jenith Vázquez. She emphasized that in recent weeks, there have been up to 20 daily cases of animal abuse reported.

She explained that most of the reports are related to the poor conditions in which owners keep their pets. Recommendations are given to provide a roof, water, food, a clean space, and to take the pet for walks. She pointed out that the number of reports had previously decreased, but from June to the present day, citizen complaints have been increasing.

She mentioned that in the state of Yucatán, as in the rest of Mexico, the abandonment or mistreatment of domestic animals is unfortunately common. Many pets that end up on the streets are acquired during the holiday season.

When a child asks for a dog, some parents comply and bring a puppy home, without considering that it will grow and require time and care.

As a result, children no longer want the pet when it grows up, and it ends up abandoned in a backyard, on a rooftop, or on the street.

Source: OEM

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