Potosi pride! we present you to the Potosinas of the year


These are women who endorse their dedication, dedication, effort and commitment in various areas of society.

The Institute of Women in the State (Imes) announces the women from Potosí selected in the call for “Potosina of the Year” 2022, after knowing, evaluating, and highlighting each of the 45 proposals received in this edition.

The general director of the Imes highlighted that the six potosinas chosen in the 2022 edition will be awarded at an event commemorating International Women’s Day, on March 8 at the Convention Center in the capital, which will be headed by the Governor of the Ricardo Gallardo Cardona State.

These are women who endorse their dedication, dedication, effort and commitment in various areas of society:

Maria del Socorro Lira Partida; downtown area. Sports field:

She is a Paralympic athlete born in San Luis Potosí on April 2, 1976. Due to congenital inheritance, she was born with spina bifida, however, it was not an impediment for the firm purposes that she has set in her active and sports life. He got involved in various sports such as weightlifting, basketball, and table tennis, in the latter he managed to obtain three medals: two bronze and one silver at the National Wheelchair Sports Games, and in 2001 he obtained one more bronze medal. and the award for sports merit in the State, with a history of 12 years. She has 17 medals at the national level between 10, 20, and 30 places, as well as 7 international medals.


Roxana C. Dimas, Altiplano area. Political Environment and Social Development :

She is a native of Riverside, California, United States, born on January 11, 2000, the daughter of Mexican parents. At the age of one, she decided that her education would be in Mexico, in the municipality of Santo Domingo. She has a degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the Universidad del Centro de México; She has worked as an activist from the sector of civil society organizations, she has worked from the academy on issues of defense and promotion of political-electoral rights of indigenous peoples in the State and is co-founder of Organization for Girls (OPS ). Currently, she is the member who represents the youth in the Transparency Council of the Honorable Congress of the State of San Luis Potosí.

roxana dimas

Ma. Ramona Espinosa, Middle zone. Educational Field and Social Assistance:

He was born on December 21, 1961 in the municipality of Cárdenas, San Luis Potosí. Thanks to her work in the field of education for the elderly and her work in social assistance, she has managed to be recognized by public officials, teachers and the population in general. She has contributed to the literacy of 50 women who have completed her high school; During the pandemic, she realized that the young population dropped out of school and decided to convince them to resume their studies at the State Institute of Adult Education (IEEA), where she currently has 20 students who had already dropped out. In the community sphere, she participates in activities that contribute to preventing different types of violence, promoting human rights and social development.


Diana Carolina Santiago Bautista, Huasteca zone. Culture field:

She was born on July 25, 1987, she is a Tének woman from the Xolol community, in the municipality of San Antonio, San Luis Potosí. She began her work at the age of 12 when she began collaborating with the health clinic near her community to provide workshops to young people from various locations on health issues; She continued with her university studies, she provided her social service and professional internships at the Second Inspectorate of the State Human Rights Commission (CEDH) of the State, based in Ciudad Valles, where she collaborated as a translator of the Tének language. She was part of the project called “Scenarios for Peace”, in which she gave workshops to communities on the human rights of indigenous women in 2009 and 2010. Currently, she is the director of Indigenous Affairs in the municipality of San Antonio.

Diana Carolina

Honorable Mention: Mónica Amador García, Middle Zone. Academic Area:

He was born in the municipality of Rioverde, San Luis Potosí, on August 27, 1984. He has a Doctorate in computer systems obtained in 2014 from the Universidad del Sur; a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from the Interamerican University for Development in 2012 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the Superior Technological Institute of Rioverde, San Luis Potosí in 2008; since that year he has been a teacher at the National Technological Institute of Mexico- ITS de Rioverde, and since 2018 he supports the research area as the person in charge, in addition to being part of the Network for the Dissemination of Science, Technology and Innovation (REDICITI) of the Potosino Council of Science and Technology (Copocyt).


Special Recognition: Sandra Olimpia Gutiérrez Enríquez, Downtown area. Health Area:

She was born in the capital of San Luis Potosí on October 1, 1968. She has a degree in Nursing from the Faculty of Nursing of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP); she holds a Master’s degree in Epidemiology and Health Administration from the University of Guanajuato; PhD in Public Health Sciences from the University of Guadalajara, degree obtained with Honorable Mention. She has more than 26 years of experience training numerous generations of young people in the Faculty of Nursing and Nutrition of the UASLP and has worked in public health institutions and industry. She is the founder of the Postgraduate and Research Unit of the School of Nursing. Recently, she received the “María Guadalupe Cerisola Salcido” award, by the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


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