Roberto Palazuelos and former President Vicente Fox open a cannabis store in San Luis Potosí


César Escalante operations manager of “Paradise Shop”, spoke with EL UNIVERSAL San Luis Potosí and introduced us to this famous store of cannabis products which will open its doors in the state of Potosí

Roberto Palazuelos se asocia con Vicente Fox para vender marihuana

“Paradise Shop” a store of products derived from cannabis, wants to reach San Luis Potosí and other places in the Mexican Republic, in order to help hundreds of people improve their mood, health and improve their well-being.

The idea of ​​helping through CBD or cannabidiol and other derivatives of the plant began when in Paradise, they realized the positive impact that this had on people’s health and they found the thousands of success stories that have made the laws change a little to start marketing this type of product in Mexico.

Llama Fox ingresar al mercado de la marihuana

César Escalante spoke with EL UNIVERSAL San Luis Potosí and told us part of what ” Paradise Shop ” is and how he decided to join this project that is already operating in some parts of Mexico.

For Paradise it is important that all Mexicans know the benefits of CBD, “we seek that the benefits of our products reach all Mexicans.”

Although César has known about the project since its inception, it was not until July 2021, when he formally joined as operations and expansion manager, this after the creation of the corporate.

In addition to working hand in hand with Roberto PalazuelosMarcus Dantus and Vicente Fox Quesada; There are three other important characters for “Paradise Shop”, Fernando CarcamoFernando Espinobarros who are founding partners along with  Guillermo Palau, who had the vision for this new industry and have managed to carry out the “crystallization and materialization of the project”.

Where is “Paradise Shop”?


The most famous CBD store is operating in 28 states, according to César there are “160 contracts to open and approximately 70 operating”. The goal is to have 200 stores operating in the 32 states of the Mexican Republic by the end of 2022.

A cannabis store in San Luis Potosí


The partners of “Paradise Shop” used demographic and socioeconomic data to project the stores that they could have in each state of the country and that is how they arrived in the state of Potosí.

Although they know some smoke shops in San Luis Potosí, they consider that their concept will make a difference in the market in favor of the health of Potosí residents.

“We have doctors who are specialists in the endocannabinoid system. This system is present in all human beings. Few people have information about it, so our goal is to inform and help people who are looking for a natural alternative for their health. We are not looking to sell for the sake of selling, but rather to promote informed and responsible consumption,” says César.

They consider that they are pioneers in the subject and beyond selling cannabis for smoking, they want to become an “ideology of consumption”.

When do they open a branch in San Luis Potosi

“ Paradise Shop ” plans to arrive in late January or early February. They will be installed on Avenida Venustiano Carranza number 1065, in the Historic Center of San Luis Potosí


Will the potosinos be able to have their store?

On the official page of the store, you can contact the corporate to be able to install a branch within the state, however, to be a candidate, a series of requirements are necessary, the first of which is to schedule a videoconference to publicize details about the business model.

If you are selected and there is availability to place the branch, “the necessary procedures are carried out”.

At the moment in San Luis Potosí, there are no more stores available and until now they do not know when there will be available locations.

Health for the potosinos

“Paradise will offer a comprehensive health system,” says César, who confirmed that during 2022 they intend to “equip our stores with alternative orientation booths, where our customers will have a virtual connection with professional doctors who will advise them on natural alternatives for their specific requirements. ”.

They will try at all times to offer professional and personalized attention and with the sole objective of having a “true impact on people’s health”.

Gummies, candy and more

As the laws change, they hope to offer various CBD products, in order to always help those who need them.

While their portfolio expands and they open the first cannabis store in the state, they hope to bring health, wellness and fun to San Luis Potosí, but above all acceptance so that this concept continues to save lives.

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