State Police officers locate and release 22 foreigners in San Luis Potosí

Sol y Luna hotel in Matehuala, SLP (Photo: Excelsior)

In San Luis Potosí, 22 individuals of foreign origin all of them from Central American and Caribbean countries who had been deprived of their liberty, were rescued on Tuesday, September 14th, by a state police command that broke into the place where the hostages were located and released them, the San Luis Potosí Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to Excelsior.

The foreigners, including three children and a pregnant woman, were located in the community of Cerrito Blanco, on the state line between San Luis Potosí and Nuevo León.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the armed subjects who broke into the hotel had taken 38 people, including 16 Mexicans, who were abandoned at noon near a convenience store in Matehuala; among them are two employees of the Sol y Luna hotel.

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Since the complaint was presented by the hotel owners, the Investigative Police, the Municipal Police and the National Guard undertook a search operation that led to the location of the first group that was abandoned and tonight of the 22 foreigners from Haiti and Cuba; it is being investigated if there are also Venezuelans among them.

After their location, the foreigners received medical care and food and were later transferred to the capital of San Luis Potosí, where they will continue to be cared for.

Source: Reforma

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