San Luis Potosí prepares for unprecedented economic growth


It is expected that in the next four years investments of up to 20 billion dollars will reach San Luis Potosí and at least 120 thousand new jobs will be generated, said Carlos López, real estate businessman, member of the Potosí Advisory Council.

He indicated that this growth requires development and infrastructure projects commensurate with its magnitude.

López explained that the number of jobs that will be generated will practically double the existing one, so more roads will be necessary to prevent the current ones from collapsing.

“Mobility towards the Industrial Zone, and in the east-northeast sector of the city, requires greater efficiency and connectivity, so that the flow of people is faster and safer,” he said.

The businessman stated that the growth of the city and its industrial zones must be accompanied by more development in urban equipment and roads.

He considered that the economic moment that San Luis Potosí is experiencing had not been observed in recent years, so to give it more certainty, an agenda of infrastructure projects must be promptly developed, complementary works carried out, and simultaneously designed other new ones, he indicated.

Source: Plano Informativo