El Naranjo is one of the ecotourism sites that is becoming a must-see for every great adventurer.

El Naranjo has crystalline waterfalls and natural paradises that seem like a dream.

The Naranjo is a large fruit tree of oriental origin; Chinese, to be more exact, which was brought to the West by the Arabs. This tree does well in mild, warm climates and does not tolerate extreme climates.

It is said that several years ago, there was an orange tree next to the road that leads to the City of Corn. Time has passed and the colorful tree is gone, however, the name was engraved in this region in the northeast of the state of San Luis Potosí.

But beyond this curious fact, this site is a true palace of waterfalls, streams, forests and all the riches of the Huasteca Potosina. It is also recognized as one of the youngest municipalities in the state and has become a destination besieged by ecotourism lovers from all over the world.

The natural wonders that it encloses among its large trees and green hills are gloated by the beauty of the Sierra Madre Oriental, this area has an enviable climate and unique ecosystem.

El Salto is a 70-meter-high fall that feeds a series of pools at its feet, creating a paradise of green and blue tints. In the rainy season, the show is sublime thanks to the amount of water that runs all over the place.

El Meco is located a few kilometers further on and is distinguished by having a 35-meter drop that you can only observe and rest in its surroundings since its river is dangerous.

At the limits of the area are the Minas Viejastwo 50- meter waterfalls forming a turquoise pool at their feet. In its surroundings, you will have the opportunity to swim, rafting for the most risky. Do not forget to visit the Laguna de los Patos and enjoy a peaceful day in the countryside.

Here you can find all kinds of accommodation and activities such as mountain biking and abseiling that you will enjoy in complete safety. Of course, the gastronomy of the place is second to none and you should try the cabuches, the wedding roast, the zacahuil, the potosino cheese or chicken tacos and the potosino cold cuts.

This jewel of the Huasteca Potosina must be appreciated in the rainy season to be able to appreciate all the beauty of the waterfalls, even if you cannot go swimming. But if you want to go when it is not the rainy season, you can swim and do water activities, the bad thing is that during this season one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico disappears.

To get to the site you have to go down some stairs and little by little you will hear the sound of the waterfalls . Before arriving you can appreciate the landscape and then have an excellent point to take pictures. The blue you will see in your photos will be incredible.

In addition, there are mountains covered with vegetation, valleys, reedbeds and it is an hour and a half drive from Ciudad Valles, and about 20 minutes from the municipal seat. But time is short when you feel the breeze that reaches your face and the face of the waterfalls. A wonder that looks like a Hollywood movie.

El Naranjo Waterfalls

Where: San Luis Potosi, Mexico

When: 365 days a year, but remember that if you want to see impressive waterfalls you will have to go during the rainy season.

How much: lodgings from $600

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