More covid vaccines arrive in San Luis Potosi will be applied in these municipalities


The doses that arrived in the state of Potosino in the last hours belong to the Sinovac and Cancino brand

70,160 new vaccines against Covid-19 arrived, which will be applied in the coming days in 21 municipalities of the Potosí territory, among these the application of the second dose for the municipality of Mexquitic de Carmona is not mentioned, although they had indicated that inoculation would take place this week.

The doses that arrived in the state of Potosí in the last hours belong to the Sinovac and Cancino brand, of which it is also known will not be distributed in the municipality of San Luis Potosí or in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez.

Among the 21 municipalities that will enter this vaccination dynamic are Xilitla, Villa de Arista, Axtla de Terrazas, Villa Juárez, Tierra Nueva, Santa Catarina, Nicolás Tolentino, San Ciro de Acosta, Rayón, Lagunillas, Huehuetlán.

In addition to Charcas, Guadalcázar, Coxcatlán, Tancanhuitz de Santos, Cerro de San Pedro, Cerritos, Real de Catorce, Cárdenas, Armadillo de los Infante and Aquismón.

The authorities indicated that it is necessary for the population to understand that they should not go to other municipalities to be vaccinated since it is planned to be able to comply in a timely manner with the supply of medicines for the elderly population.


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