In less than 24 hours, seven homicides were registered in the state of San Luis Potosi


These events continue in the Metropolitan Area and in the municipality of Ciudad Valles. Among the victims is an agent from the state’s Public Security Secretariat.

This Saturday, March 13th, armed individuals opened fire at a house in the neighborhood of 20 de Noviembre, leaving two men and a woman dead in the street of Linares.

Among them is the agent of the Ministry of Public Security, identified as Roberto “N”, 55 years old. The police officer was attacked months ago and on that occasion, he survived; however, this time the man was gunned down.

Around 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 12, a subject entered a forage store located on the corner of Doctor Nava and Luis Donaldo de Rancho Pavón, in Soledad, SLP. He posed as a client and robbed the business owner. Minutes after he entered, a couple of detonations were heard, then the subject left the place with an unknown destination.

Relatives found the victim at the entrance of the store, he had been shot multiple times. Agents of the State Metropolitan Force were the first to respond to the call. Noticing that the man had no vital signs, they proceeded to cordon off the area and requested the presence of Forensics Expert Services.

In Ciudad Valles, Pedro “N”, 35, was executed in front of his house, located in the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood. According to the narration of his neighbors, several subjects arrived at the place in a vehicle, one of them called him by his name and when the man came out, they shot him in the head.

Almost two hours later, another man was shot dead on Simón Díaz Street, in the Santuario subdivision, a few meters from the Municipal Administrative Unit. The victim was aboard a gray Hyundai vehicle, with San Luis Potosi license plates, when subjects arrived at the scene and opened fire on him.

Around 11:00 pm, in the Valencia subdivision, in Soledad, a man was literally chased down by armed individuals. The incident took place on the streets of Monte Mayor and San José. In the end, they managed to catch up with him and shoot him down. The body was left in front of a house, surrounded by heavy-gauge casings. Expert Services came to the scene to lift the body and pack the ballistic evidence.

Source: El Universal

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