One of a kind 18th-century painting found in Tula, Hidalgo cathedral


The chapel of the tabernacle of the Cathedral of Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico; houses an emblematic painting, one of a kind, in which the Colonial artist Luis Berrueco captured the child Jesus, his parents and grandparents, tasting tamales, fried eggs, beans, and spicy Mexican food.

The 18th-century oil painting, semi-circular, is located above the altar of this religious temple located in the center of the city of Tula, and was the product of the imagination of the artist who died at age 33, he lived from 1717 to 1750.

The work of art measuring 8 by 5.7 meters and made entirely by hand, is called the Banquet of Jesus with his parents and grandparents, in which the painter depicted a series of angels serving Mexican food.

On an oval table with a white tablecloth, you can see dishes served with fried eggs, a container with jalapeño peppers, and another one with black beans.

One of the angels also offers a basket with fruits, which appear to be pomegranates, another carries a tray with fish, glasses of water and on the skirt of the tablecloth, the artist Berrueco included a funny looking little kitten.

Source: El Sol de Hidalgo

Hidalgo Daily Post