Boat with 60 national and foreign tourists sinks off the Jalisco shores


The tourists who plowed the beaches of Jalisco in the Canuwa catamaran had to swim to save their lives, others clung to the boat until the rescue team came.

Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco.- A catamaran-type boat sank on the afternoon of December 31 on the beaches of the municipality of Cabo Corrientes, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, when it was making a trip from there to Puerto Vallarta with about 60 tourists on board.

Among the travelers who hired the tour, there were national and foreign tourists, but all wanted to have an unforgettable experience by leaving 2020 behind and welcoming the New Year with great fanfare, however, they did not suspect what destiny had for them during the trip that included whale watching.

Unofficially, it has been said that due to an erroneous maneuver added to the high waves that appeared at Quimixto Beach, the vessel named “Canuwa” could have been defeated by the force of the ocean.

The sinking started from the bow (front part of the ship) while the waves gradually covered the craft to submerge the sides and the stern (rear), while the dozens of tourists who were on board had to swim to save their lives.

Other small boats that plowed through the area, upon noticing the accident, approached little by little to provide aid to men and women who, scared, could not believe what was happening.

In the videos and photographs that circulate on social networks, you can see some of the tourists swimming towards a small boat who came close to help the swimmers while others are overcome by panic and clung to the few irons of the “Canuwa” catamaran that remained afloat.

Jalisco Civil Protection agents belonging to the delegation of the municipality of Cabo Corrientes also came to provide help to the affected tourists, but by the time they arrived in the area, to the fortune of the travelers, they were all safe, but not their belongings, including cameras, electronic devices and cell phones with which they had been recording their entire journey along the Jalisco coast.

According to the report of the local authorities, it was not necessary to provide greater medical attention to those affected, since the experience only resulted in a great scare, one that in a funny way is already compared in networks with the tragedy of the Titanic.


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