Massive assault on motorists on the Puebla-Orizaba highway? VIDEO


A rollover served as armed individuals stripped drivers of their belongings on Highway 150D

On Sunday, April 23, the video of a massive assault by an armed group on drivers who were driving on the Puebla-Orizaba highway near the Guadalupe Potreros community.

Video of the massive assault on the Puebla-Orizaba highway

In the footage that a motorist who was circulating on the 150D highway managed to record, it is possible to see how a group of 5 men dressed in tactical equipment and armed assaulted the drivers.

This while they were detained by an overturn; Thus they go from unit to unit stripping people of their belongings until they get a driver down and take the cargo trailer.

They denounce that this is not the first time that commandos take advantage of the traffic caused by rollovers or road accidents to assault motorists.

The Puebla State Police reported that they recovered a stolen trailer on the Puebla-Orizaba highway. After receiving a report, the state SSC points out that they managed to locate the unit but there were no detainees.

The Secretary of Public Security of the Government of Puebla reported that upon seeing the complaints on social networks they mounted an operation in the area where the events allegedly occurred.

Questioned about the case at a press conference, he explained that together with the National Guard they went to the place without detecting the presence of armed men or assaults.

Despite this, he indicated that security was reinforced on the border with the state of Veracruz.

Theft increased 10.8% in 2023

According to Héctor de Mauleón, in his column La maldita autopista 57, he cites that the Mexican Alliance of Organization of Transporters (AMOTAC) announced that during the first quarter of 2023 an increase in theft from transporters was reported.

  • Cargo theft increased 10.8% compared to 2022
  • Between January and March, 38 daily cases were registered
  • In January there were 47 complaints.

In 2022 there were more than 10,000 crimes against drivers, this affects the acceptance for this job since there is a deficit of 54 thousand workers.

Dangers of Highway 57

Meanwhile, on Highway 57 which goes from CDMX to Nuevo Laredo, thefts increased 123.4%.

De Mauleón mentions that in addition to assaults, migrants, citizens, and tourists have been victims of “levantones” such as the one that occurred on the Matehuala highway, in which he denounced the kidnapping of 23 bus passengers and after an operation, 100 were victims were rescued.

Highway 57, considered the backbone of the country, and which connects Mexico City with Nuevo Laredo, thefts increased 123.4%.

The section that goes from San Luis Potosí to Matehuala is defined by the organizations as impassable. Food, electronic items and construction materials are the main objective of criminal organizations that, according to federal authorities, have established their headquarters in the towns along the route.

They intercept the carriers, most of the time with the luxury of violence, and take the units to warehouses spread throughout the area: then, the goods are dispersed to businesses that were under the control of the criminal groups themselves. .

Highway 57, in the San Luis Potosí-Nuevo León section, is controlled by a branch of Los Zetas , the group known as Los Alemanes, which he led until his capture in September 2022, Alfredo Alemán Narváez, El Comandante Alemán.

According to the complaints, Alemán’s cell operates under the protection of ministerial agents and national guards.

It is a route that thousands of migrants cross each year. A few weeks ago, when the search operation began for 25 passengers on a bus that had left Guanajuato and who disappeared in the vicinity of Matehuala, the authorities managed to rescue not the 25 crew members, mostly migrants, but more of 120 whom the criminal group had deprived of their liberty and kept on dirt roads and various points in the region.

The associations denounce that in the 57, given the complete lack of surveillance —and basically, with the complicity of ministerial agents and national guards—, the assaults occur, without pause, from seven in the morning onwards.

Several companies have already prohibited their drivers from driving at night, given the growing wave of robberies that, according to AMOTAC, occur mainly in the Matehuala-El Huizache and San Luis Potosí-Querétaro sections, as well as in the San Felipe and Santa Maria del Rio.

At the end of 2022, Canacar reported that more than 10,000 crimes against carriers had been committed that year, and revealed that it was difficult for companies to find operators: according to that chamber, there was a deficit of 54,000 heavy vehicle drivers in the country. .

Just in March, 57 tourists who were traveling by bus on the 57 were robbed. They lost everything, wallets, cell phones, valuables.

Another sign of the unstoppable criminal presence in the area can be found in the extortions to which nightclubs in the region are prey. At the beginning of the year, an attack on various table dancers, which culminated in the death of one person and the kidnapping of four others, had as a backdrop the collection of a floor made by criminal cells.

It has been determined that the drivers are chosen at the gas stations where they stop to load or at the restaurants where they stop to eat. The government of San Luis Potosí recently enabled a few patrols in a futile effort to stop insecurity.

The robberies, the kidnappings, the murders (like that of the businessman Lorenzo González Villarreal, founder of the dairy company La Lechera, which occurred last February), continue to shake the spine of Mexico, the bloody highway 57, where the failure of the National Guard is in full view, and where the people have simply been robbed of the night.

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