Tragedy in San Luis Potosí night club leaves 2 dead and at least 15 injured


In an unfortunate incident that occurred on Thursday, June 6th, in San Luis Potosí, two people lost their lives and another 15 were injured after the collapse of a railing at the Rich bar, located on the third floor of Plaza Alttus. The accident occurred when the glass railing gave way under the weight of dozens of young people who had gathered there to see Kevin Moreno, known in the artistic environment as “El Chico Fino.”

Images captured by a security camera show the tragic moment. In the videos, a group of young people can be seen standing in an open area of ​​a plaza, next to a railing. The tranquility of the scene changes drastically, when the railing suddenly gives way, resulting in the fall of several of those present. The image captures the exact moment of the collapse, with the figures of the young people falling towards the lower level.

These types of incidents highlight the critical importance of ensuring that infrastructure in public places, especially establishments that attract large crowds, comply with all safety regulations necessary to protect the public. Lack of proper maintenance, supervision and adherence to safety regulations can have fatal consequences, as sadly observed in this case.

Source: Excelsior

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