Permanent license is free in March if you live in this state


In this month of March you can have your permanent license if you meet the requirements and thus be able to drive throughout Mexico without any problem Driver’s license.

The permanent license is not available to process it in all the states of the Mexican Republic, but if it is valid throughout the country, currently only in some states it is possible to process it and only in one you can have this important document completely free, as long as the requirements are met.

Each state of the republic has its traffic regulations, but they all agree on the driving test, this is essential if you need to do the driver’s license procedure, otherwise without the test it would not be possible to access the license.

It should be noted that the driving license is a mandatory document for all people who drive a motor vehicle in Mexico, when stopped by a traffic authority and not having it would be subject to a fine.

States with Permanent License Citizens who reside permanently in the states of Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí and Oaxaca, are those who have, can process the license with permanent validity, that is, it does not expire, since the state governments have decided to stipulate it in their laws.

Meanwhile, in the state of Tamaulipas, the cost of the type A license has a cost of 1,303 pesos, that of Private Driver, is 1,629 pesos. While in Oaxaca, the permanent license procedure for motorists is done at a cost of 2,904 pesos. Thus, in this way, drivers will no longer have to worry about their expiration or renewal.

Where is the permanent license processed for free?

Only one entity in Mexico, allows its residents to obtain this document completely free, it is San Luis Potosí, whose inhabitants can process it by meeting the following requirements and without missing any:

Driving certificate issued by the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection.

Official identification valid in the state of San Luis Potosí (INE or passport) in original and copy.

Two proofs of address in the state; one with a seniority of 1 year and another with a seniority of 3 months (water, electricity, telephone, internet, cable, property, gas) in original and copy.

Now you know that the only place where you can process a free permanent license is in the state of San Luis Potosí, only by meeting the requirements that we already mentioned.

Remember that if you drive any vehicle, whether it is a car or a motorcycle, you must carry out the procedure of your license, and if you have the possibility of processing the permanent one, it is better that you have the opportunity to spend only once for the procedure.

Source: El mañana