Xavier Nava’s candidacy for mayor of San Luis Potosí has been revoked

Xavier Nava (El Universal)

The decision of the electoral magistrates was due to the fact that Xavier Nava Palacios had been elected to the same position by the PAN, so when seeking reelection he had to participate with that party.

The State Electoral Court , by majority vote, approved the revocation of the candidacy of Xavier Nava Palacios for the municipal presidency of San Luis Potosí by Morena , approved on March 21, 2021, as well as the second receivership of Alicia Nayeli Vázquez and the first council of proportional presentation of Alfredo Lujambio Cataño.

The decision to revoke the electoral magistrates was due to the fact that Nava Palacios had been elected to the same position in 2018 by another party, in this case the National Action Party (PAN) . In other words, when seeking reelection, he had to participate for the same position in the municipal presidency with the PAN.

Xavier Nava

In the case of Alfredo Lujambio Cataño and Alicia Nayeli Vázquez, the revocation was due to ineligibility for being in office.

The Court’s ruling orders the State Electoral and Citizen Participation Council to notify the National Regeneration Movement party within 24 hours of changing the candidates, for which it has 72 hours to present the new ones.

Those involved may challenge this decision before the Monterrey Superior Chamber, to annul the revocation and may be reinstated to the positions that had previously been validated.

It is worth mentioning that for the 2021 elections, Xavier Nava Palacios competed as a candidate for the internal elections of National Action for the governorship of the state, which he lost to the now candidate Octavio Pedroza Gaitán.

Source: El Universal

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