Puebla man takes his tiger on a leash for a walk


In Puebla, a man walks his tiger around the block on a leash, a fact that was caught on video by locals who took several photos and videos of this man with the specimen, which went viral on social networks during the last hours.

Through social networks, a Facebook user published a photograph and a video with the text: “I think I saw a cute kitten,” in reference to a tiger cub that was being walked by its owners.

As soon as it began to go viral, the owner of the original publication deleted it, however, the video and the photos had already been shared thousands of times.

What is known about the tiger on a leash in Puebla?

The tiger cub caused a commotion when, in the midst of a pandemic , its owners decided to take it out for a walk in the Cuexcomate park , in the auxiliary board of La Libertad in the municipality of Puebla .

In the short video you can see that the tiger in Puebla, despite being a puppy, has a height equivalent to a large dog , even the leash with which it is tied is for that type of pet .

In the recording you can see that there are several people who come out of curiosity to see the tiger, while the owner holds the specimen in Puebla with the thin strap.

The reasons why the man has a tiger, as well as the identity of the subject, are unknown, however, the governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, issued an official position to the authorities and indicated that the case will be investigated.


Having a wild animal as a pet represents a crime because in Mexico, there is no special permit to have exotic animals and it is not safe to walk a wild animal on a leash around the corner in an urban space.

Tigers are not considered common pets, and whoever has one must be approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat).

Source: UNO TV

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