Puerto Vallarta businesses are concerned about the lack of economic reactivation


The president of Coparmex Puerto Vallarta, Jorge Careaga Jiménez, said that it was already evident that a third button was going to be implemented in Jalisco and the first in Nayarit since it is the consequence of the December holidays, so now the consequences.

Therefore, these restrictions, the businessman considered, should generate more awareness in the public about what is happening in the region on the subject of COVID-19, even so the business sector is again affected. 

“We have a real anguish especially for the smaller companies that are finally the ones that suffer the most, the issue of restaurants and hotels that are a fundamental activity within the destination are also suffering in a very important way but there is no alternative”. 

He said that if we all want Puerto Vallarta to be distinguished as a safe port and that it complies with health measures, the indications must be followed.

In the end, what is needed is to act jointly between the three levels of government with society and private initiative in order to reduce the number of infections as soon as possible. 

“Obviously we are very concerned about the economic reactivation that has not been able to take place, as soon as we started to rise, they lowered us with the restrictions and we continue to hold on, but the problem is that there are companies that have no longer been able to support this lack of economic activity in the region”.

The businessman indicated that without a doubt this button will be causing the closure of some more companies in Puerto Vallarta, so this will generate greater unemployment and possibly greater insecurity.

Finally, he stressed that a letter with the new restrictions and that they comply with the health protocols has already been sent to its members. He also reiterated that it is time for citizens to be more supportive in fulfilling the responsibility that corresponds to us.

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