Nissan allocates $ 27.3 million USD to Aguascalientes assembly plant


Nissan announced on Tuesday, January 19th, the investment of 27.3 million US dollars in the production of two new vehicles at its Aguascalientes plant, after reaching the milestone of 14 million units produced in Mexico at the end of last year.

It is, according to a statement from the Japanese manufacturer, the new Nissan Kicks 2021 and the new Nissan March 2021.

The statement specified that the production of the new Nissan Kicks 2021 represented a total investment of 14.1 million dollars, of which 3.2 million were invested in the manufacturing plant -mainly in the conditioning of the assembly lines and in paint dies- and 10.9 million in supply tools, necessary to supply parts for the manufacture of the model.

The document stated that the new Nissan March 2021 represented an investment of 13.2 million dollars, highlighting 3.3 million invested in stamping and painting dies at the manufacturing plant and 9.9 million in supply.

“In 2016, Nissan Aguascalientes Plant A1 became the first Nissan manufacturing complex in the region to assume the responsibility of ‘mother plant’ of a new vehicle for the brand with the start of production of Nissan Kicks. This means that no one else in the world produced it at the time and that Aguascalientes A1 was the first to do it, ”said Nissan.

In addition to Nissan Kicks and Nissan March, the Nissan Aguascalientes A1 plant also produces Nissan Versa -the best-selling vehicle in the country and one of the largest production volume in the industry in Mexico-.

All three models are manufactured simultaneously on the A1 multi-model production line, the fastest in the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance globally.

Source: El Heraldo de Mexico

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