LGBT Collective Against Sexual Exhibitionism in Vallarta


Recently, images of same-sex couples having sex on balconies of a condominium on the popular Los Muertos beach have been made viral. 

Interviewed in this regard, Héctor “Teto” Ramírez Betancourt, coordinator of the Vallarta LGBT Collective, indicated that they come to this tourist destination to enjoy, as long as third parties are not affected, and made a call not to be hypocrites or double standards.

Teto Betancourt

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The activist of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, urged not to be exhibitionists; although he said sometimes it is impossible to control it, since they are on private property.

However, he criticized those who are also morbid, looking on the balconies to record.


“Everybody; Heterosexuals, homosexuals, enjoy sex, and you don’t have to be hypocrites or double standards, so I don’t think it affects, because you come on vacation … and enjoy, and sex is implicit, as long as you don’t affect third parties ” , he founded.

This spa is also family-friendly, and recommended to visitors from the LGBT community:

“That there is not so much exhibitionism, that they come to have fun, to enjoy and enjoy themselves, although we cannot avoid or prohibit it, because in these cases they are on private property.”

He assured that the group has not received complaints, petitions, or claims for this situation that has scandalized the local community and even outside national borders.


“Notice that nothing has been received, on the contrary, they are telling us that this hotel is becoming more viral, more famous, and that everyone wants to come to vacation at the Vallarta Shore,” he said smiling. 

Teto, who also belongs to the National Observatory of Hate Crimes, opined: 

“Sex is to be enjoyed, as long as we do not affect another person … and I do recommend, we must try not to be seen, perhaps worse things were done before, or in other places, but there were not so many people with their cell phones ”.

And he attacked those who record and transmit these situations:

“I rather the morbid, who are looking at hotels, if someone is having relationships, that is already morbid, it is wanting to become famous in two minutes.”               

Ramírez Betancourt reiterated that sex is to be enjoyed with anyone, and wherever they want, as long as they do not affect third parties, as in this case the balconies face the beach; although he stressed that these people are assumed to have sex, even when it cannot be proven.


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