From its rooms overlooking the city to its majestic glass-bottom pool, there are plenty of reasons to love the new Hotel mädi at SMA

Its name, in the Otomí language, means love and that is the force that moves everything in the new Hotel mädi in San Miguel de Allende.

And it is that the recently inaugurated concept of lodging attracts by the destination in which it is located, seduces by its majestic infrastructure, conquers with its gastronomy and falls in love with its careful service.

How is the new Hotel mädi in San Miguel de Allende

The new Hotel mädi in San Miguel de Allende is a small boutique establishment with 23 sophisticated rooms that offer impressive views of the World Heritage city.

Hotel mädi

Its design generates a new experience of luxury, sophistication, quality and personalized attention in an already exclusive destination.

With the works of the sculptor Alejandro Velasco the good taste of its architecture is rounded off; while bar 1405 has a bar with the best national and international cocktails and the iconic Bistro mädi, which combines international cuisine with local culinary elements, becomes the new must in this city in the heart of Mexico.

Photos: Hotel mädi

The Roof mädi terrace and its spectacular panoramic views are another of the details that make the hotel fall in love, as is the majestic pool with a glass bottom, a perfect space for afternoons of fun with friends, as a couple or as a family.

Hotel mädi

Experiences that fall in love

For those who love to pamper themselves and relax, the hotel has a personalized spa characterized by freedom of choice according to the guests’ needs, an intimate concept that exalts good taste to enjoy the little details and great experiences as a couple.

“The architectural, artistic and culinary elements that identify the Hotel mädi are part of a love story that we will transmit to our guests and visitors as part of a unique and unmatched experience of elegance, comfort and personalization of care in San Miguel de Allende” Jaime Levy said.

The Hotel mädi is a love story in which architectural, artistic and culinary elements converge that offer its guests an experience of luxury, sophistication, quality, personalized attention and pet friendly in the heart of San Miguel de Allende.


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